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POWER PULSE ROCKETS 1.3G - £70.00 - RRP £89.99

Power Pulse rockets are a great addition to a large firework display when you need to keep the sky filled with fireworks. Simply light one every time you need to plug a gap between other fireworks such as multishot fireworks or other single ignition fireworks you may also buy.

Power Pulse Rockets will look great alongside any size of multishot fireworks barrages, or indeed as part of an all-rockets fireworks display.. Cost is £70.00

Watch The Video Below:

  • Product Info:
    • Small rockets (5) - 2 x Red, 1 x Green, 1 x Silver, 1 x Purple Glitter

      Medium rockets (6) - 2 x Silver falling leaves with red glitter, 2 x Golden glitter with crackling stars, 2 x Green glitter with silver swirl
      Large rockets (7) - 2 x Blue crackling star burst, 2 x Red crackling star burst, 3 x Green crackling star burst

      Extra large rockets (6) - 2 x Blue stars with silver fish, 2 x Crackling burst, 2 x Silver glitter with golden willow
    • 24 rockets total

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