- Coloured Smoke Grenades -

SURREY's biggest firework retailer. Established in 1987 we have stood the test of time. We can cater for all occasions and  budgets big and small. We stock Rockets, Barrages,Selection Boxes, Multi shot cakes, Ice fountains,Catherine wheels, Smoke flares and much more.

Coloured Smoke Grenades - £10.00 EACH - RRP £16.99

Ideal for Bonfire Night... or parties, weddings, birthdays to add accents. Smoke Grenades are commonly used for photo shoots, amateur filming, paintball, airsoft and for wedding celebrations. These Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are simple to use and offer a huge amount of smoke from their compact size.

Awesome Smoke Effects- 60- 90 Seconds... Cost is £10.00 EACH GRENADE

  • Product Info:
    • Spectator Distance: 10 metres
    • Display Duration: 60 seconds
    • 350mm

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